Securing Personal Data on Your Mobile Device

ADDRESS BOOK – Think twice before storing sensitive data here!


Just created a new account online and they require a password with 1 upper case character along with at least 1 special character and must be 10 characters long.  After trying different variations to your set of password staples, you finally hit upon a “SAFE” password that meets all the requirements.  NOW you have to remember it or write it down somewhere.  Think twice before entering it into your address book app.  Why, you may ask.  Your address book app is often accessed by other apps, websites or even devices to make it “Easy” to communicate.  Now lets say you just added an entry in your address book to store your bank account details.  Typically, you might add an entry for the Bank and then add a piece of data (sometimes either in the phone number field or the notes field) that represents the account number.  While in the bank office, you want to make sure to NOT forget the username and password for your account on the bank website, you enter these details in the notes section.  You ask – so why is this a problem …. I have a password on my phone.


Have you ever seen an app ask to access you phone book and recent call list.  How about when “syncing” your phone to your car ….. in some cases even the Notes field is passed to the car.  How about when upgrading phones.  You know that little magical machine that mysteriously “moves” your phone data to the next phone.  Or how about when you take your device in for service and they ask you to unlock it and then promptly disappear to the back room.

Let me ask you – do you trust the app developer and company that built the latest version of game you are playing, or the mechanic(s) that work on your car, or the people behind the counter at the mobile phone store with you social security number (or family member’s social security numbers) and address, bank account information, usernames and passwords?  I didn’t think so ……


What to Do

Use an app that employs cryptography to store your data.


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